About Hans Diebschlag

Brief Background

Hans was born in Bensheim Auerbach, Germany in 1951 soon after he moved with his family to Rüsselsheim near Frankfurt where he spent his childhood.

Hans studied Fine Art at the Städel Art Academy in Frankfurt for five years followed by a two year Diploma in Art and Design at the Academy for Design in Offenbach.  In 1976 he moved to Sussex in southern England where he lived until his death in 2014. 

Hans’s personal connections and frequent visits to Rüsselsheim meant the town,  which is also home to the car manufacturer Opel, continued to be an important influence in his work even though he lived the majority of his life in England.

Hans created a large body of work during his lifetime and his paintings can be found in private, corporate and municipal collections. His work has been exhibited internationally since 1982 including Stockholm, Los Angeles, New York, London, Cologne, Darmstadt,  Rüsselsheim and Berlin. 

“Symbolism and surrealism are closer to Diebschlag than the orient inspired salon painters of the 19th century….Diebschlag is therefore closer to movements that have more to do with representing inner emotional and spiritual conditions”   Roland Held

“Hans Diebschlag bridges the divide between western and eastern culture. He intertwines the two in a completely new way”   Norbert Küpper

“a precious brightness that reveals a plane beyond where existence is light-heartedly allowed to exist, where it is alright to be”   Ulrich Kramer